Diwali is the festival of lights, happiness, wealth and prosperity. This six day’s festival (yes, six days) has its own unique importance with numerous facts linked to it. The six days are as follows:


This day is dedicated to the worship of one of the most holy animal-cow. It is important for us from both scientific and economic point of view as follows

·         It provides us with milk which eventually is used for production of all dairy products.

·         It is the only animal which inhales as well as exhales oxygen and is provided with an aura of ozone upto 20 metre.

·         Cow urine has great medicinal use.

·         Cow dung has an important and positive influence in the fields of ecology, medicine and cosmetology.


This day holds its significance for the worship of Aarogya Lakshmi, which aptly suits the proverb- Health is Wealth. On this day, Dhanwantari_, god of health, is worshipped and is prayed to for a long and healthy life. No doubt, if one is blessed by Aarogya he is automatically blessed by Roop Lakshmi as well.


On this day, one should get up early before sunrise and take a royal bath, which includes pre-bathing rituals such as massaging the whole body with oil and scrub (ubtan). Also, a person is greeted and blessed with diya with the wick dipped in sesame oil for aura cleansing. The purpose of getting up early in the morning is that during these hours (before sunrise), the vata guna (air element) in a person is at its peak. Thus, massaging helps in lowering the vata level.

The Diwali delicacies which includes chakli, gujiya, laddoo, chiwda,etc  must be eaten in their original form, though less in quantity. Though these food items a rich in fats, they can be easily digested due to the upcoming winter season. Rather, these food items act as a natural insulator and barrier from the bitterness of the cold

Special note: Do not eat roasted gujiya, chakli or anything like that….they increase the vata level in one’s body. 80 types of diseases are caused due to vata imbalance.

5th Anniversary Celebration Of Ravana Ayurvidya

Ravana Ayurvidya is delighted to invite all for participation in its 5th Anniversary celebration. We are thankful to all members of the group for their faith in Ayurveda and trust on Ayurveda and Ravana Ayurvidya.

Adi Shakti- The Power Of Motherhood!

We get 50% molecular DNA of molecular DNA from the mother and 50% from the father. But we get 100% mitochondrial DNA from the mother. Mitochondria and their DNA only come from the mother to the baby. Mitochondria produces ATP. ATP is a source of energy in our body. So, We receive power from our mother. And our mother gets it from her mother and our father also gets it from his mother. This is very interesting that in Hinduism


Ganesh Chaturthi

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