digestive disorders

Digestion Disorders

Ayurveda can help to manage digestive issues

Digestion is one of the most important processes to maintain our body.


Skin Problems

Healthy skin comes from a healthy body

Healthy skin comes from a healthy body.

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Lung Disease

Treat Imbalance in digestion (agni)

Respiratory diseases, are due to high stress.

Standard Consultation

A standard consultation in Ayurveda involves a quick assessment of your imbalance via questions, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and other physical examinations. It includes advices on significant lifestyle recommendations and prescribes herbs and massage treatments that can help to heal you. Quick consultation is recommended mainly for people who have an idea about Ayurveda and/or follow ups.

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Women's Health

Ayurveda For Women

Wellness Consultation

Wellness treatments help to improve health and prevent diseases

Ayurveda treatment.

muscle_pain (1)

Muscle Joint pain treatment

Ayurvedic understanding of movements:

Ayurveda treatment for muscle problem.

Video Consultation

If distance is make it hard to seek help, all types of consultations like initial consultations, follow up consultations, diet consultation, body type consultations, are available via Skype and other video calls as well. The recommendations will be emailed afterwards and the herbs/ Ayurvedic medicines are sent via courier.

Our Service


“ Aahar” being the most important part of daily routine, should be based on season and geographical conditions. We conduct “ Aahar “ projects specifically for educational institutes and masses

Aahar and Vihar based on Ayurveda


Individual’s prakriti is best source of his mental and behavioural habits. The best possible career for individual can be chosen based on prakriti

Career counselling based on Prakriti


Diet being the most important and impacting part of life ; the proper diet can greatly impact the stress management

Stress management with Diet