Dr. Priti Tambat has a sound knowledge of Ayurveda to the core and knows to apply the knowledge in the contemporary era in a very caring and empathetic way so that you find it easy to practice Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet with happiness. She is very experienced in using the wisdom of Ayurvedic herbal combination and different massage and detox therapies for the healing of the root causes of your imbalance/ disease.

Customer testimonials

Geeta Singh

Looking towards the report of  my daughter, I feel that the analysis is perfect and based on scientific justifications.To carry out such type of analysis one needs thorough study of the subject and ability to analyse it as third party analysis.The way Dr.Priti interacted with my daughter was very much impressive. Just by having kind interaction with my daughter , she opened up her mind easily by which she got the correct information for the analysis. Getting correct data is very much important for such type of analysis otherwise it may lead to some issues.For the first time we got the exact idea of our daughters mental and physical conditions, Because of these reports now we can plan for her bright future through planning of her diet and study as suggested by Dr.Priti.I feel every parent should go for such type of analysis as it will be helpful for their wards to keep them competent to face the challenges of the world.
We are very much thankful to Dr.Priti and his team and wish them all success in future.

Saruhi Bansal

I am happy to share my experience. Dr.Priti is one of the best ayurveda doctors I have ever seen. i am suffering from pimples in face  past from 3years. She is the best in diagnosing and root cause of diseases, Now I am relieved from pimples and living happy. My whole hearted thank you, my suggestion is simple follow doctor advices, what she says. You will get results in a short span of time.

Ravindra Raosaheb Deshmukh

Ravana Ayurvidya  has a life changing experience for me. Doctor is very kind and caring. I would definitely recommend this place for a healthy life consulting. Things are explained very nicely and you are given enough time to explain your problems and understand the suggested treatment procedure.

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