SWARNA PRASHAN – Ancient Ayurveda Immunization system

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Modern science has invented vaccine for many diseases, and even the research continues; this is a routine work. Our Acharya had thought of this principle thousands of years ago, and to protect the body in from all kinds of disease, they discovered that they should increase the immune system, and found out the same weapon, that is gold !
And presented us with a golden ritual of swarna prashana.

Gold is the best metal for our body. One important quality of gold is , it is equally effective for all, irrespective of age ( from children to adults). That’s why GOLD had been in our life practices for centuries. Due to its significant impact on our physical and mental disorders, it is considered to be auspicious; its donation has been bestowed. Our ancestors had a clear understanding of how gold should go in our body too!

It is the behavior of wearing pure gold jewelry. For this reason our kings and the rich people ate only in the gold plate, which caused gold to go inside our body. In gold jewelry, buying gold, donating gold, collecting gold, mine in gold plate, it was one of the most important observations of our Acharya that, the gold only increases immunity in the body, and along with it Our mental and intellectual capacity also increases. It is a very strong metal that protects the body, mind and intellect.

The economy is dependent on the gold of the whole world. This is the sign of importance of Gold in our lives !!
When and how to perform “Swarna Prashan”

This is one of our 16 rituals. When a child is born here, its ritual that the gold or silver should be dipped in honey and then should be licked by the new born.. This is the original form of tradition,
We do it, but we do not understand it. How did it come and why? We did not know what the result was and its consequence. Even after the centuries, it is not a little less matter how to tinkle in the form.
In Swarna Prashan, the gold in form of bhasma is mixed with Ayurvedic medicine , cow’s ghee and honey. And it should start from the day of birth .

What is the use of gold?
Maharishi Kashyap, a progenitor of the Kashyap Code of Ayurvedic Pediatrics, has depicted the qualities of gold in the form of low form.

Golden Meditation (intelligence), fire (digestive fire) and force builder. It is the life-saving, the welfare, the virtuous, the windy, the narrator (the stain of the body’s color) and the removal of the planetary python. By regular consumption of gold, the child becomes medicinal in a month and the child is protected from different diseases. In six months, Shrutadra (the one who remembers all the remembrance) becomes, that is, his remembrance increases very much.

This golden crown is made only in the selection of the best types of medicines in Pushyakshakshtra. There is a special effect on gold and medicine in the posterior constellation. This can be saved from viral and bacterial infection due to the increase in immunity from Golden Progress. It increases the memory power and increases the digestive power of the child, which makes the child strong and strong. It also enhances the body’s color. If a child gives gold from birth to the age of 16, then he becomes the best meritorious person.

Use of up to six months: –

If any child is regularly given up to six months regularly for the right quantity, then “Shrutadhar” means that once he heard; he remembers it. If we increase it in today’s perspective then its memory definitely increases. And in the creation of a healthy and stunning India this ritual is a very important thing for us.. And it should be consumed for at least six months. And it is very beneficial to prepare it in Pushyakshakrta itself.

benefits of Swarna Prashan ..

Physical development : Suvarnaprashan helps in physical development of your child. 

Memory Booster : It contains such Herbs which helps your child for memory boosting and it improves Grasping Power also. 

 Active and Intellect :

Digestive Power : Suvarnaprashan is a best appetizer and have digestive properties also. 

 Tone ups Skin color