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Compelete Ayurveda Consulting

Dr. Priti has been practicing Ayurveda specifically on Roga Nidan with the help of Naadi Pariksha and have achieved a reputed position in central India with her expertise in Naadi Parkisha and further diagnosis of doshas.
She was also the Chief consultant at Sri Sri Panchkarma Centre, Indore; the only one in Central India for Art of Living.

Digestive Disorder

Ayurveda can help to manage digestive issues
Digestion is one of the most important processes to maintain our body.

Skin Problem

Healthy skin comes from a healthy body

Women Health

Ayurveda For Women
Complete ayueveda treatment for women.

Body, Joint Pain

Muscle Joint pain treatment
Ayurvedic understanding of movements:
Ayurveda treatment for muscle problem.

Respiratory Issues

Treat Imbalance in digestion (agni)
Respiratory diseases, are due to high stress.

Wellness Treatment

Wellness treatments help to improve health and prevent diseases
Ayurveda treatment.