Gold Face Pack

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Gold Face Pack

Gold has the power to enhance the ingredients of vitality – ‘Tejas’ and ‘Ojas’ which are the foundation of beauty in Ayurveda .The benefits of Gold have been recognized for thousands of years in Ayurveda, for its beautifying and healing properties. It is also known as “The Key to Youth”.  Nakshatra Gold is Kit with preparation of Nakshtra Saundarya Body Scrub & Gold Face Pack with additional content of “Swarna Bhasma”, old is a renowned ‘Yogavahi’ metal that easily absorbs into the skin, protecting it from the sun and environmental damage, improving its elasticity and working as an extremely powerful age-defying agent. . It is cooling in its potency and gives skin a luminous quality. Gold also balances, harmonises, tones muscles and strengthens underlying tissue It acts as a carrier and penetrates to the deepest layer of the skin giving it a luminous gold, glistening sheen.


Almond, Sesame, Gold, Pearl, Saffron etc in appropriate proportion and unique formulation along with other natural extracts


It prevents premature the appearance of premature fine lines and age spots, improves skin texture and tone free from chemicals, artificial contents and petrochemicals, very effective to treat acne and dark spots and best for no make up vibrant look.

Stock: Available


Price: Rs. 1699 ( Inclusive of Tax)

Weight: 30gms /1.058 oz

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