Diamond Face Pack

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Diamond Face Pack


Despite already being thought of as a girl’s best friend, diamonds are being favored in a new way as more skin care formulators are turning to the material for skin care purposes. Heerak Bhasma contains activated Carbon Particles. Activated carbon particles have a larger surface area, which makes it the best substrate for cosmetic products. The increase in surface area increases the point of contact between the cosmetic product and skin. It draws impurities and dirt from the depth of the skin. Activated carbon is effective in killing microbes . Ravana Ayurvidya’s Diamond Face Pack is one unique product useful for every type of skin for Glow and Freshness.

Direction Of Use:

Mix with milk and apply on face and neck keep it for 3o minutes, then wash with warm or cold water

Stock: Available


Price: Rs. 2399 ( Inclusive of Tax)

Weight: 30gms /1.058 oz

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