Aahar & Vihar based on Ayurveda (Diet based on Prakriti & season)

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Aahar, food we eat , is essential and most important aspect of our lifestyle. For a healthy lifestyle it is important to have a “ Shadrasadmak” aahar ; i.e. diet which satisfies all six test bud needs
The Aahar should not only fulfill physical and emotional needs but also be as per the season or climate along with suiting to one’s prakriti to get the best out of “aahar “ we take.
To build up the best generation for the nation, we conducted “ Aahar “ project at various educational institutes as well as corporate sectors and achieved the astonishing results with changes in diet. In each project the diet was planned keeping individual’s prakriti ; season and climate in consideration.
Our projects helped the institutes achieve the tremendous improvement in behavioral and academic excellence in students.
Project “ Aahar “ ; NEIIL World School; Morena : – The main focus on the academic and behavioral improvement in hostel students ; preparing for competitive exams like NTSE ; jst by making changes in diet and advicing sports suitable for prakriti of individual along with career guidance and counselling; the students have achieved remarkable success in these exams.

Project “Aahar” ; Indus World School, Indore : Indus world school ; with its two campuses comprising of 1200 students implemented the “ Aahar “ project . The parents have observed following changes in their wards
⦁ The kids have started eating all the food served.
⦁ Kids have stopped asking for junk food
⦁ The “screen time” is reduced to 30%
⦁ The height and weight of Jr. kids have improved significantly
⦁ The high school students have improvement in their concentration
⦁ The academic performance of the students is improved
⦁ There is change in thought process of high school students towards constructive and stable thinking process.